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December 27, 2022

Understanding How Children Qualify For Health Insurance

Childhood is one of the most important developmental periods of anyone’s life. Most children have specific medical needs. As such, you cannot understate the importance of health insurance for a dependent child. 

When getting health insurance, children often qualify for coverage through several different avenues. Each avenue comes with unique qualifications and specifications. Based on your child’s needs, one of the following options can greatly benefit them. 

1. Enrolling on a Parent’s Insurance 

Most children can get health insurance through their parents’ employer-provided insurance. Employer policies often allow the employee participant to enroll additional dependents. Usually, parents can add children to their policies for a minimal cost increase — or perhaps no increase at all. Dependent children often can stay on their parents’ plan until they turn 26 years old.  

Employer insurance provides a convenient avenue for families to get coverage. However, this avenue may have its drawbacks. At times, an employer’s policy may not offer adequate coverage for a child’s needs. Carefully examine your employer-provided coverage before enrolling your child. a stack of flyers on a table

2. Enrolling a Child in an Individual Plan 

Once a child turns 26, he or she usually cannot remain on a parent’s insurance. The child must then buy their own policy. 

Most children can qualify for individual policy coverage after the age of 18. One avenue to get coverage is to purchase a policy from a private insurer. Young people may also be able to get covered through the Affordable Care Act marketplace. ACA plans are private plans that meet federal standards. The young person may qualify for cost assistance through this avenue. 

3. Getting Coverage Through Other Government Programs 

Children may also qualify for government-subsidized health insurance. This might include Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) or other programs based on the child’s qualifications. 

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