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March 29, 2023

Insuring Your Contracting Business

Like any business, contractors have their own unique risks. Get the protection you need with the right insurance policies. Discuss the following (and additional) options with your independent insurance agent to build an appropriate insurance package for your business. 

  • Property: Your business likely own physical assets. Protect these physical assets from damage, fire, weather incidents and theft with commercial property coverage. 


  • General liability: If your employees damage a client’s property (intentionally or accidentally) or if a client becomes injured because of your actions in his/her home, your business can be held responsible. General liability insurance can provide coverage for your operations should something like this occur. 


  • Worker’s compensation: If workers are injured while on the job, they could incur costly medical bills and lost earnings if they must take time off to recover. Workers comp insurance covers employees when an injury or illness occurs. 


  • Surety bonds: Bonds are necessary for various types of construction jobs, especially in regards to government jobs. It helps ensure that your company will get the job done. If something should go wrong, bonds can protect against disruptions or financial loss.a person sitting at a table using a laptop 


  • Commercial auto: Just like your personal car must be insured by law, so do your business’ vehicles. Commercial auto insurance options are similar to personal auto insurance, and can be discussed with your agent. 


  • Inland marine: Goods on the move and goods being warehoused need protection, just like materials and tools at a jobsite. Inland marine coverage protects items in various stages of transit. 

Is your contracting business protected with the right coverage options? 

Get the coverage you need. Call Commercial Coverage, Inc. at 518-602-2020 for more information on contractors insurance. 

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