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February 9, 2022

Types of Health Insurance to Offer in Your Employee Benefits Package

One of the major factors that attracts good talent is great benefits. Employees want to work somewhere they feel comfortable and that has competitive employee benefits. Health insurance is a huge necessity for employees. But not all health insurance is created equal, and it’s not enough to simply offer the most basic policies. 

Employers should set themselves apart by offering additional coverages such as: 

Group Dental 

Most health insurance policies exclude coverage for dental procedures. Much of dental health isn’t purely cosmetic, however. Problems with the teeth and gums can cause severe health problems later on. This means that employees are likely to look for a benefits package that can offer them dental coverage, as well. 

Like with group health insurance, group dental insurance spreads the risk and cost between employees. 

Employee Wellness Program 

An employee wellness program offers unique and tailored options for employees who want preventive care. These types of programs generally offer on-site fitness centers or gym reimbursement, yoga classes, healthy food (like lunch and snacks), financial counseling, fitness classes, biometric screening, disease management and more. 

Your employees likely come from a wide range of backgrounds and have many different health and lifestyle needs. Offering additional perks involved in an employee wellness program can be the difference between losing and securing excellent talent. 

Disability Plans 

Disability insurance plans work to provide employees with compensation in case a disability makes them unable to work. This is not the same as workers’ compensation disability benefits, however. Workers’ compensation is a policy owned by the business that can replace wages for disabilities that occur as a direct result of a workplace injury. 

Disability insurance, on the other hand, does not have this restriction. This insurance can replace a portion of an employee’s paycheck if they are disabled. It may seem like an unnecessary policy until you realize that around 56 million Americans live with a disability. Providing insurance to help them with these disabilities can keep employees around longer. 

Cancer Plans and Accident/Critical Illness Plans 

Cancer insurance plans help assist with costs if an employee has or gets cancer. Treatment for cancer is expensive, so an insurance plan is critical. 

An accident and critical illness plan doesn’t cover normal medical expenses. Instead, it provides a lump sum for emergency services and procedures related to a sudden unexpected accident or critical illness. 


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