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August 10, 2021

4 Things Your General Liability Doesn’t Cover

Commercial general liability insurance protects you in many cases where your business facies liability risks. If someone slips and falls on your floor, then it’s possible your policy offers you coverage.  

However, there are other liabilities general liability insurance won’t cover. 

1. Auto Accidents 

If you get into an accident, it seems logical that general liability will help you cover the damages. However, commercial general liability insurance doesn’t cover auto accidents.  

Businesses that use vehicles for business must purchase commercial auto insurance. 

2. Equipment Damage 

It’s easy for employees to damage equipment while they are at work. For example, they might break off an important pulley while operating heavy equipment.  

In this situation, it’s up to you to get that equipment fixed. However, you won’t be able to file a claim against your insurance. In this case, you’ll need business equipment insurance coverage. 

3. Property Damage 

Lightning can strike a tree and send it tumbling through your window. A civil uprising could lead to property damage. In both of these hypothetical situations, you wouldn’t be to blame for the damage to your business property.  

However, your commercial general liability policy likely wouldn’t cover any claims you’d file in these scenarios. Commercial property damage coverage will be more effective. 

4. A Lawsuit On Behalf Of A Client 

Many people offer their customers unique services and advice that they rely on daily. For instance, physicians offer medical advice and architects offer technical advice. Each professional could give the wrong advice and injure their clients.  

If this were to happen, general liability insurance wouldn’t provide coverage these professionals need. If you provide advice or professional services, you’ll need to buy professional liability insurance. 

Commercial general liability insurance is a great start at getting the coverage you need for your business. However, you need more insurance for full coverage.  

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