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Real Estate Owners and Developers

Owning and/or developing Commercial Real Estate is an increasingly complex business venture with many possibilities for risk. From litigation tied to subcontractors operations or extended loss of income due to an unexpected property loss; choosing the proper insurance agent and carrier are key to protecting a property owners assets. 

Commercial Coverage, Inc. has over 35 years of experience in working with a wide variety of Real Estate risks with specific programs for Shopping Center owners. Our approach differs from other agents as we go beyond the standard coverage and bid process to assist our clients in reducing and/or eliminating risk. The bullet points below highlight some key coverage points:

  • 3 year price lock programs… This option provides maximum premium stability over an extended period of time. 
  • Risk Transfer program - We assist clients with subcontractor agreements and implementation to best insulate owners from litigation related to a contractors work.
  • Pro-Active Service Agreement… We find that a customized service agreement built around your specific requirements helps firms to be much more efficient in managing risk. This process helps to lower cost over the long term.  
  • Fill gaps in coverage… Executive Liability Protection, Pollution, Flood, Property Valuation, and Extended Loss of Rents coverage.
  • Coverage for development operations related to specific projects, renovations, or continuous construction programs. Property and Construction are our two main target markets! Combining both into one program is a great fit. 

Our goal is to provide Commercial Real Estate and Shopping Center the best program in the market!  Please contact us today for more information or go to the link below to complete an application for quote.

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